Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Different Crypto Currencies in the Market


Which are 20 Top cryptocurrencies in the market?

If you explore the current market across the globe, you will find that there is a plethora of crypto currencies available for trading. you will see a lot of ICOs and Crypto Exchanges and so many bitcoin transactions or crypto transactions taking place from bitcoin or crypto wallets. These cryptocurrencies are alternatives to the government introduced fiat currencies. A lot of crypto currencies speculation is going on these days. Each one of these different kinds of cryptocurrencies possesses unique features and usually operate on the blockchain technology with varying intentions and provide excellent payment services. Given the wide array of the crypto currencies, it becomes a challenging and tedious task to choose one and investment in crypto currencies. All crypto exchanges want to create crypto wallet with them and trade crypto currencies with them. All want to ride the wave of crypto currencies.

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Investors are confused with the vast array of crypto currencies available

All the more, the prices of the crypto currencies are rising tremendously in the past few years, which adds to the confusion for the investors. Given the current situation of the market of the digital currency, every investor out there are in quite a dilemma in respect to the investment in the sector. The crypto currencies worth multi million, and can be really advantageous when invested in the apt currency. Sometimes investors use cryptocurrency escrow services which is very significant in this field.

Let us have a look at the top 20 crypto currencies on the present market:
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The first blockchain based cryptocurrency reigns supreme in the domain of the crypto currencies

Cryptocurrency of Bitcoin Cash in green shaded color
Bitcoin Cash Crypto


All the more, the prices of the crypto currencies are rising tremendously in the past few years, which adds to the confusion for the investors. Given the current situation of the market of the digital currency, every investor out there are in quite a dilemma in respect to the investment in the sector. The crypto currencies worth multi million, and can be really advantageous when invested in the apt currency. Sometimes investors use cryptocurrency escrow service which is very significant in this field.

Let us have a look at the top 20 crypto currencies on the present market:

Bitcoin was the first recognized crypto currencies that was introduced in the market in 2009. Even today, because of its brand recognition and an immense fan base around the world is considered the king of the digital currency. It many not be technically as advanced as some its contemporary rivals, but people still rely on Bitcoin for investment.

Bitcoin is the original digital currency that is known to the general public as a whole. There are so many individuals out there who want to invest only in the Bitcoin, because it is the only crypto currency that they have heard and read about. Henceforth, the rising popularity has led to more people and business ventures accepting the Bitcoin as a mode of payments. Furthermore, it is easier and simpler to convert the Bitcoin into fiat money or conventional money as compared to any other digital currency.

The digital currency might not be technically the best one in the market, but it has a huge support from the business ventures as well as from the consumers. It will be indeed quite tough and challenging to surprass Bitcoin’s popularity and huge fan base.

Showing logo of Ethereum CryptocurrencyEthereum

In respect to the popularity, Ethereum can be considered as the second most popular crypto currency after the Bitcoin. Ethereum was introduced in the market in 2015 as a decentralized software platform. It is a very popular choice among the programmers and developers, and there are several Ethereum based projects carried out based on the blockchain technology.

The Ethereum platform enables the developers to create distributed applications or dApps and Smart Contracts. Do you know the reason behind Ethereum’s popularity among the developers? It is because of the following reasons:

  •          There is no interference and authority from any governing body.
  •          It can operate without any downtime.
  •          Frauds and scams have no scope in the Ethereum platform.
  •           The philosophy of Ethereum platform focuses on:
  •          Decentralization
  •          Security and privacy
  •          Trading
  •          Codifying 

Ethereum was divided into ETH or Ethereum and ETC or Ethereum Classic after DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization was attacked.

Lite Coin Logo Image in grey shadeLitecoin

Lictoin is considered as one of the first Altcoins that was created. The main goal of creating it was to make it as the digital silver, against the digital gold, Bitcoin. Former Director of Engineering  at Coinbase, and Google employee, Charlie Lee created the Litecoin. As compared to the Bitcoin, Litecoin has more potential in generating blocks almost four times faster.
In order to generate a block or a transaction, Bitcoin takes around 10 minutes. In comparison, Litecoin takes only 2.5 minutes. Since the Litecoin is an open source software, there is no central control or authority. It makes use of the mining algorithm, known as the “scrypt” which can be deciphered via the consumer grade CPUs.

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Several other legit crypto currencies are giving a tough competition

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are believed to be the “The Big Three” by the majority of the people from all over the world. But, there are several other legit crypto currencies that have gained immense importance and popularity. They are giving a tough competition to the three big cryptos. Let us take a note on some of the other potential crypto currencies that can give the popular currencies run for money.

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Bitcoin Cash

Currently, the Bitcoin Cash is considered as one of the valuable crypto currencies in the current market. The digital currency gets a lot of publicity, more so because of its name. But, it is very essential to understand that Bitcoin Cash has actually no link with the Bitcoin. There are many people who consider it as a Bitcoin, and this emerges a controversy.
Because of the misinformation and the confusion among people, there are many who buy and invest in Bitcoin Cash, thinking it to be Bitcoin. In order to clear the confusion, Bitcoin Cash is now referred as the BCash by several service providers. It is true that more and more people are educating themselves regarding crypto currencies. But, it is still not clear how far or popular will be Bitcoin Cash.

Cryptocurrency of Ripple, many coins falling
Coins of Ripple


When you are looking for a free international transaction of any size, without any return charges, Ripple is the crypto currency to consider. Unlike the other crypto currencies, you will find that Ripple doesn’t operate based on the Blockchain technology for the transactions to take place. In fact, the digital currency makes use of the an iterative unanimity process, which is way faster and more efficient than the payment networks of Bitcoin.
The structure of Ripple doesn’t demand for mining. Hence, there is a reduced computing power, which also decreases the network response time. This is basically a real time international, transparent and low cost transaction network. There are more than well known and reputed 75 financial institutions that are working with Ripple. Some of them include:

  •          American Express
  •          UBS
  •          Westpac
  •          MUFG

Dash or Digital Cash Cryptocurrency


Launched in 2014, and formerly known as DarkCoin, Dash is the updated version of Bitcoin. It is more private and initiates faster transaction because of the InstantSend Technology. The transactions made using Dash is nearly untraceable because of the decentralized mastercode network, which provides way more privacy and anonymity.
There is a dual tier architectures that dash uses for its network.
  1.       The first tier includes the miners who are responsible for securing the network and writing the transactions to the blockchain.
  2.        The second tier consists of the masternodes.
In case, you have locked a minimum of 1000 Dash coins on its server, you can set the masternode, which allows the PrivateSend and the InstantSend transcatiosn easily. You can mine the crypto currency using either CPU or GPU.

Crypto coin of Monero CryptocurrencyMonero

It is often denoted as the “privacy coin”. The reason is that the transactions initiated on the blockchain platform is way more difficult and challenging to track down when compared to the Bitcoin and the other crypto currencies. It is the technology of the crypto currency, which makes it challenging to include Monero into the software and the hardware wallets. Despite the shortcoming, it has not stopped the users and the investors to use it.

If you are thinking to invest in Monero, the reasons that entails you to do so are:
  •             The digital currency is absolutely untraceable.
  •             It is cryptographically secured, making it less prone to online frauds and thefts.
  •             Privacy is provided at the highest level.

Cryptocurrency Coin of Omesgo Logo ImageOmiseGO

This is one digital currency that is based on the Ethereum blockchain platform and technology. The primary focus of the OmiseGO is to let the business ventures initiate the payments from multiple crypto currencies as well the traditional or fiat currencies in a cost effective manner and at a rapid pace. It might not be a very popular crypto currency that we hear from people, but its use has been in operation in several major business ventures and companies. The most prominent being the Mc Donalds is many Asian countries. Omise GO gets a huge support from companies like SBI Investors and SMBC and several others who have a name in the industry.

Z cash Cryptocurrency in green LogoZcash

Zcash is one such crypto currency that is considered as a major competition to the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and several other traditional crypto currencies. The digital currency makes use of the revolutionary technology, known as the “zero knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge or zk-SNARK.

Zcash has the intention or goal of becoming one of the mainstream payment methods for people and business houses. When compared to the privacy and the security of Zcash, it is better than the Bitcoin. This is one of the reasons that can help Zcash become one of the biggest competition to the more popular crypto currencies.

Showing Crypto Coin Logo of SteemitSteemit

If you are a writer or a blogger, and want to monetize your content and even grow your community and popularity, Steemit is the platform to opt for. It is a decentralized, blockchain technology based blogging forum where you will rewarded with crypto currencies for posting, commenting and sharing content. Steem is the crypto currency that is awarded to you. It might not be a very popular digital currency and not heard much about. But the currency has the potential to draw the attention of the people and business ventures across the globe.
There are several other crypto currencies that might not make in the top 10 list. In fact, they might not have been heard much or read about, but they also have the calibre and the potential to do well in the market if rendered with the support. The list of such digital currencies are included in the next segment.

Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Logo Image Dogecoin

This is a basic crypto coin that is operated in order to make payments. The Dogecoin technology has a very challenging time to compete with the Bitcoin and Litecoin technologies based on the blockchain. The popularity of Dogecoin seems to be from the popular logo, “Shiba Inu internet meme”. The logo has been so popular that it is one of the prime reasons for its recognition and appealing to people.

NEO Logo Image in green shade
A Design on NEO


NEO is a popular Chinese crypto currency that is anticipated to become really huge in the near future in China. Due to the frequent change in the policies of crypto coins, NEO witnessed a challenging and rough start. But it was successful in recovering itself from the fall. It is a Smart Contract platform, where the developers can use any language of their own.

IOTA cryptocurrency accepted here symbol


It is one such crypto currency that doesn’t operate on the blockchain technology. IOTA functions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The use of its technology is the prime reason behind the minimal transaction fees and reduced computing power. Tangle is the ledger technology used by IOTA, which makes the whole transaction process more decentralized and quick.

EOS Cryptocurrency Logo

EOS is a crypto currency that is believed to be a big competition to Ethereum. The crypto currency ensures to process the transactions or payments with no fees and charges. If this is done in practice, it will be the first crypto currency to do so in the current market.

Stellar Cryptocurrency Coin Logo


Similar to Ripple, Stellar is the crypto currency that is used by the banks and other financial institutions. Stellar is an open source blockchain based crypto currency which has the main goal of bringing a revolution in the banking industry and the financial sector as well. It focuses on:
  •          Cheaper or cost effective global transaction charges or payments.
  •          Faster transactions.

Logo of cryptocurrency Civic in Green shade


The crypto currency has gained a lot of attention in the present market. It is believed that Civic has the real potential to come up with the real international database that will enable the storing as well as sharing of the personal and medical information in a decentralized and a secured manner. It has been successful in creating a niche without any competition.

Populous cryptocurrency Logo ImagePopulous

Populous is proud to be identified as a the first and the only invoice and trade finance platform based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The main focus of the digital currency is to come up with an international environment for the investors and sellers so that there can be invoice trading from across the globe.

Waves cryptocurrency Logo Image i white and blueWaves

Similar to Ethereum currency, the Waves also enables anyone to create and launch their very own tokens or assets. The currency is believed to quite secure, and the credit goes to the limited number of features that makes it less prone to attacks and online thefts. It allows to convert the traditional currency into tokens.

Power Ledger Cryptocurrency Logo Image

Power ledger

It is a peer-to-peer trading platform, based on the blockchain technology or public ledger. There is no need for any middleman between a buyer and seller while dealing with the renewable energy. It was formed because of two reasons:

  1.          Peer-to-peer trading across the networks
  2.         Peer-to-peer trading of energy within buildings

Lisk cryptocurrency logo imageLisk

 Lisk aim to become the first ever modular crypto currency. The currency allows with decentralized storage, anonymous transactions. There is a lot of see with the development and the emergence of new innovations associated with Lisk.

The above mentioned are the top 20 cryptocurrencies that are going round in the current financial market today and have gained legal significance or legality of cryptocurrency at many places in the world which is making them more and more reliable as they gain such significance. Have a look at each one of them before any investments.