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What is ICO Airdrop?

As you all know, cryptocurrency means digital money. That is literally the simplest explanation of what is cryptocurrency. There are obviously other factors as well such as the functioning of blockchain and other advantages of cryptocurrency that make it so highly desirable in almost every part of the world. While the pros of cryptocurrency include factors such as easy international transactions, no charge backs, security of each party and super fast transactions without the interference of a third party, there is a set of cons as well. Just like every coin has a flip side to it, the disadvantages of cryptocurrency include elements such as difficulty in understanding by a novice and no one to go to in case of a fraud. Besides, there is always the fear of hackers. 

Now, there is a new trend in the blockchain based cyber world of cryptocurrency. It refers to instances of cryptocurrency token airdrops. This phenomenon is associated with ICO. ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering . In fact, you would be totally taken aback to know that these airdrop events have become so rapidly popular that innumerable people are now trying their level best to make use of airdrop and generate free cryptocurrency tokens. It is literally like a craze or fad that has taken over the masses dealing in cryptocurrency.

Air drop is a great means to distribute cryptocurrency tokens in order to aid in the process of adoption for the particular token. A lot of Initial Coin Offering endeavours opt to give out their cryptocurrency tokens absolutely free of cost. This is an offer extended to the members of their community. This is done merely as a way to inspire the adoption of the token. It is done under the assumption that such a strategic advertisement and publicity will drive the demand for the cryptocurrency tokens up and scale. This is turn will increase the value of these cryptocurrency tokens. Thus, it can easily now be concluded that this is a marketing strategy.

Now, you must be wondering that how does this happen. In the sense, that how to enterprises decide on the number of cryptocurrency tokens that they wish to give away through this airdrop. Well, what actually happens is that no one is a fool to suffer losses voluntarily. Thus, after the main sale event, a certain pre-determined portion of the cryptocurrency tokens are kept aside only for air drops.

You must thinking that these giveaways are totally free. However, here is the catch, as stated earlier, not everyone has the privilege to avail of this opportunity. This is so because only those who are community members of the Initial Coin Offering project can avail of this. This implies that the beneficiary of cryptocurrency tokens through air drop must be a ICO member. Truly, nothing in life comes for free. In fact, there are several ways and parameters of judging whether a beneficiary is actually worth it. This means that being an inactive member will not get you any benefits. You must be consistent in contributing qualitatively and quantitatively to the topics that relate to the Initial Coin Offering project at hand. Your duration of membership in the community also plays a major role in this regard. However, due to increasing demand of members some airdrops these days are for random members up to a limit and then they need pay for more using appropriate payment services. Like, 5 tokens may be free and for more payment has to be made.

What is helicopter money?

 Now, though you will feel that helicopter money is similar to cryptocurrency tokens generated and distributed through air drop, there is certainly a difference. Read ahead to find out now what exactly is meant by helicopter money.

First of all, you must know that helicopter money is also referred to as a helicopter drop. It is actually a tentative and unconventional means of monetary policy. Helicopter money is noted and recognized for several features. It involves the printing of a huge sum of money and then giving it out amongst the masses. Now, this is not done without any good reason. The driving force behind this distribution of money in the public is done in order to help the economy to grow. This can be on a small scale of the global level as well. Also, you must already know that the world finance in all connected. By this, it is meant that any economic development in one country or one part of the world is likely to affect other countries and other parts of the globe as well. It is highly imperative for you to know that a helicopter drop does not necessarily mean that a helicopter is dropped. It is only a metaphor to explain and represent an unconventional means to give a boost to the world economy during periods and times of deflation. Now, as global economy is interconnected and is legal it is imperative to ascertain legality of cryptocurrency, if not fully, at least to some extent on pragmatic grounds for finding it worthy of adoption into use. However most of the features of fiat currency can be  compensated with other attributes of cryptocurrency like privacy.

 For all those who do not know, deflation is a period of crisis when there is genuine reduction in the values of currencies. Deflation leads to a dip in the world economic front. Thus, a helicopter drop is a means to get over that, even if not totally, to some extent.

Top Cryptocurrency airdrops in the world

Read ahead to find a list of the top cryptocurrency air drops in the world. Having this information at your fingertips, you can easily decide which ones suits your needs and best and yields the maximum benefits for you:

·        LockTrip: now, before you think of going for this one just because it is at the top of the list, you must know beforehand that not every country is allowed to a part of this cryptocurrency air drop. Read all the rules and regulations carefully becoming a part of it. In case you eventually qualify to be a part of this, you will only need your VPN to claim your free tokens. There is an offer of 10 dollars per participant. 

·     CoinPayments: This is an opportunity for members to earn up to 100 CPS tokens that are worth 0.0014 BTC. All you need to do is register and claim your cryptocurrency tokens. 

·      STOX: In case of STOX, all you need to do is sign up and get around 50 STX tokens. Though these tokens cannot be withdrawn, you can use them for prediction games. That in turn will help you to get real money.

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