Potential Investment Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia holds 25% of the world’s petroleum reserves. The economy of the country is mostly dependent on oil.
However, with the increase of population in the country, the government is shifting their focus towards private sectors to rejuvenate their economy and also provide job opportunities to the youth of Saudi Arabia. This is perhaps the most potent time for someone to invest in this country as the government during everything they can to bring FDA. Its investment opportunities are comparable to that of the UAE. Now the question stands, which sectors are more potent or more fruitful for investors to invest in Saudi’s Economy? Let’s find out.

Real Estate Investment

With the population of Saudi Arabia is increasing rapidly, the demand for housing units is also rising at a fast pace.
Meanwhile, the country is focusing more and more on bringing investors from around the globe, the investment projects such as NEOM will show the way for the investors to come and invest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So, for an investor, real estate sector could the most potent area of investment in Saudi Arabia.

Agricultural Investment

The soil and the climate of Saudi Arabia is the hindrance for agriculture. That is why most of the food consumed by the people of the country is brought from the neighbouring countries. However, there are some food items that can still stand the test of surviving in this intense climate of Saudi Arabia.
Foods such as barley, wheat or date palms can grow here and the demand for these foods is also high not only in this country but also worldwide. So, one can invest in the agricultural sector which involves these aforementioned foods. Also, importing the food from neighbouring countries and selling them is also a business plan one can surely contemplate.

English Language Training

Right now, the government of Saudi Arabia is looking to bring more and more FDI from the West. But the one thing that is pushing them back is the language barrier. There is a huge need for the Saudis to learn the English language to bring down the language barrier with the Western Countries. That is why Saudi Government has made it mandatory to include the English language even in the elementary education and also in the high schools of the country. So, investing in the training centres for the English language business startups can be a great investment option because the demand of this sector is very high right now.

Professional Services

Only a few Saudi students prefer to study courses such as engineering and medicine. This has lowered the professional capabilities of the Saudi people.
Now, when the government is looking to bring foreign investment to generate employment then these professional courses becomes very important and relevant because the companies will want to hire these people more than a normal high school pass. So, investing in the educational sector to provide training to the high school pass students can be a great investment as well. Islamic Banking and Finance is yet another investment destination at this place.

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is shifting their focus from the oil production to the other sectors of their economy to charge up their stagnant economic position, Saudi Arabia has become one of the more potent countries to invest all over the world. 

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